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Auxiliary elements in the extrusion process

Peripherals, before and after extrusion

The continuous search for higher quality products and increased productivity of the process itself, makes these elements especially important. These elements can be divided into 3 large groups.

  • Storage of materials. They are the silos where the materials are stored until they are taken to the hopper. These containers fulfill the mission not only to store, but also to protect the material

Silos allow bags and boxes to be replaced, reducing costs for both packaging and reduced internal movements in the factory itself.

Silos are usually built in AISI-304 stainless steel, or in an aluminium alloy.


  • Transport and dosage. They are the elements used to convey the material from the silos to the hopper, which is in charge of feeding the extruder.

One of the most common systems for unloading silos is the vibrating bottom with a honeycomb valve and a conveyor auger. This system is optimal for granular products (pellet type)

Other discharge systems are by fluidization / aeration or mechanical agitation devices.


  • Drying. They are the devices in charge of eliminating humidity through the use of dryers or dehumidifiers.

For materials stored in silos, especially if they are exterior, dehumidification treatment is essential.

Dehumidification is carried out by treating the air in the circuit through a molecular sieve (Solid Aluminium Silicate)

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